Project Members

Lydia Azadpour (Royal Holloway, University of London), Transitions in Coleridge’s Scale of Living Nature and its Antecedents

Nahum Brown (Miyazaki International College), Organic Life and Contradiction in Hegel’s Logic

Peter Cheyne (Shimane University), Punctum Saliens: Bloody Speck to Metaphysical Principle

Wayne Deakin (Chiang Mai University), Divided Ontologies: The Deep Romantic Chasm in Coleridge’s Organicism

Andrew Cooper (Warwick University), Coleridge and the Science of Life

Marcela García-Romero (Loyola Marymount University), Enérgeia in Schelling and Coleridge

Iain Hamilton Grant (University of the West of England), Schelling and the Naturphilosophen: Ontogeny in an Expanded Field

Alexander J. B. Hampton (Toronto University), Romantic Methexis in Novalis and Coleridge as a Response to the Anthropocentric Conceptualisation of Life and Matter

Douglas Hedley (Cambridge University), Theories of Matter: Cambridge Platonism to Coleridge

Philipp Höfele (University of Freiburg), “Technique of Nature”: Kant, Schelling, Hegel and the Roots of Process Philosophy

Lore Hühn (University of Freiburg), Philosophy of Life and Matter around 1800 as Prehistory of the Anthropocene

Charity Ketz (Penn State University), Powers of Life and Mind in Coleridge’s and Leibniz’s Theo-physics

Adrian Mihai (Cambridge University), Cambridge Platonist Sources of German Idealism

Tim Milnes (Edinburgh University) Hume and Coleridge, Realism and Empiricism

Noriko Naohara (Waseda University), The Theory of Life and Coleridge’s Developing Christian Belief

Kimiyo Ogawa (Sophia University), The Vitalism Debate in Early Nineteenth-century British Literature

Lara Ostaric (Temple University), The Concept of Life in Schelling’s Early Work

Tilottama Rajan (Western Ontario University), Excitable Systems: Idealizing Matter and Materializing Idealism in Schelling’s ‘First Outline’

Elinor Shaffer (University of London) Kant, Coleridge, and the Life Sciences

Dale E. Snow (Loyola University), The Evolution of Schelling’s and Coleridge’s Theories of Matter

Dillon Struwig (Berlin), Coleridge’s Physical Dynamics: The Metaphysics of Matter

Andrea Timár (Eötvös Loránd University), ‘A human being may be dishumanised’: Coleridge and the Human

James Vigus (Queen Mary, London University), ‘Kubla Khan’, Matter, and Coleridgean Ideas as Powers

Daniel Whistler (Royal Holloway University), Coleridgean Texts In and Against the Light of Schelling’s Theory of Ideas

Thomas Wormald (Western Ontario University), The Cudworth, Shaftesbury, Herder, Kant, Hegel, Malabou Lineage of ‘Plastic Nature’

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