Project Members


Charlotte Alderwick (University of the West of England), Schelling and Process Biology

Lydia Azadpour (Catholic University of Leuven), Life and Organic Forces

Peter Cheyne (Shimane University), More, Newton, Hartley, Kant, and Coleridge on Materiality, Life, and Mind

Andrew J. Cooper (King’s College London), Kielmeyer, Eschmeyer, Oken, and Coleridge on Aesthetic Productivity and the Life Sciences

Greg Ellermann (Yale University), Kant and Coleridge on Transcendental and Transcendent Ideas

Marcela García (Michoacan University), Enérgeia in Schelling and Coleridge

Alexander J. B. Hampton (Toronto), Nature and the Anthropocentricism Problem

Douglas Hedley (Cambridge University), Theories of Matter: Cambridge Platonism to Coleridge

Adrian Mihai (Cambridge University), Cambridge Platonist Sources of German Idealism

Tim Milnes (Edinburgh University) Hume and Coleridge, Realism and Empiricism

Noriko Naohara (Waseda University), The Theory of Life and Coleridge’s Developing Christian Belief

Lara Ostaric (Temple University), The Concept of Life in Schelling’s Early Work

Tilottama Rajan (Western Ontario University), Schelling’s Productive Disruption of Ideal Telos by Dynamic Life and Matter

Elinor Shaffer (University of London) Kant, Coleridge and the Life Sciences

Dale E. Snow (Loyola University), Schelling’s and Coleridge’s Theories of Matter

Dillon Struwig (Berlin) The Metaphysics of Matter

Andrea Timár (Eötvös Loránd University), Stimulability, Irritability and Excitability

James Vigus (Queen Mary, London University), ‘Kubla Khan’, Matter, and Coleridgean Ideas as Powers

Daniel Whistler (Royal Holloway University), Coleridgean Texts In and Against the Light of Schelling’s Theory of Ideas

Thomas Wormald (Western Ontario University), The Cudworth, Shaftesbury, Kant Lineage